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About Discreet Investigations: We are a full service private investigation agency whose primary objective is to service its clients in a professional manner with only competent personnel. We never compromise our clients integrity, reputation or mission. All of our personnel are fully licensed by the State of Florida and have extensive law enforcement backgrounds which include criminal, civil and accident scene investigation as well as being thoroughly versed in courtroom testimony. To better service our clients all personnel are trained in appropriate state regulations and are aware of this company's commitment to our clients. We are aware of cost restaints and strive to ensure all work is done at the lowest possible cost commensurate with your needs. When you select Discreet Investigations you will benefit from a fully licensed,(Fl.A 9600378)insured , professional agency that offers personal, thorough and expeditious service not offered by most other companies.

Some of the services offered: SURVEILLANCE, with the use of state of the art equipment and experienced operatives we document a subjects actions and activities. The evidence obtained in this manner is usefull in insurance fraud and domestic cases. BACKGROUND CHECKS, This is a search of a persons background to include criminal histories, employment, assets, bankruptcies, civil judgement and liens. In todays world it is your right to know the truth and to arm yourself with the facts. MISSING PERSONS, Utilizing the most current and accurate data available in the industry we combine multiple searches to develop an address for an individual nationwide. With a success rate of over 90% we can assist with collections, witness locates, natural parents, or to help you find an old friend. PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREEN, The courts have imposed the burden upon the employer to know who they are hiring before exposing them to their clients and other employees. Each new employee represents your company and is an investment in your companies long term goals. Don't gamble with the tremendous risks of liability associated with negligent hiring. OTHER SERVICES OFFERED, phone number searches to include pagers,fax,cell and toll free numbers listed or unlisted. bank account locates, assets, marriages and divorce. Being a full services agency, Discreet Investigations can tailor our services to your needs. If you require something not listed above feel free to call or E-Mail us and one of our investigators well be glad to discuss your case with you without obligation.

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